Student Obsessed With Aliens Goes Missing Leaving Behind Secret Codes & Encrypted Books

Bruno Borges, age 24-years-old, was fascinated with UFOs & Aliens and vanished from his home in Brazil. But, what he left behind will leave you astonished.

An ongoing investigation has been underway for a Brazilian psychology student who disappeared on March 27.

Though missing case reports can be somewhat common, the stuff left behind by Borges only makes the head scratching more intense.

Statue of alien-believing, Italian philosopher, Giordano Bruno. Credit: YouTube / SecureTeam10

“In his furniture-free bedroom, police found a £2,000 statue of 16th-century philosopher Giordano Bruno who predicted alien life, 14 encrypted books and signs associated with the Illuminati spread across the floor,” Gareth Davies said via Daily Mail.

“He has not been seen since March 27, and his father told local press he was last seen in a t-shirt and a pair of shorts and would have had no money nor documents.”

Apparently, Borges produced all the work in the 22 days while his parents were out of town on vacation.

Locking himself in a room for hours upon hours, Borges covered the walls in strange symbols & markings and wrote all 14 books by hand, numbered with Roman numerals.

There was also what seemed to look like a shrine dedicated to aliens and a painting of himself side-by-side an ET.

Though, the real question is was this all just a grand marketing ploy to get his books published or was he truly abducted by a knowledge-giving extraterrestrial race?

Either way, it’s all quite odd to say the least!

Brazilian authorities are considering all possibilities to the missing investigation of Borges.