Anonymous Believes NASA to Finally Announce Aliens Exist

The hacking group Anonymous has published a video stating NASA will soon be unveiling the discovery of aliens.

Many people are waiting for the day hundreds of silver discs land on Earth and out walk little green men.

Anonymous discussing NASA & Aliens. Credit: Anonymous Global / YouTube

Others already believe that there are different species of extraterrestrials walking upon us.

All the while, there’s a large faction of people who simply think Earth is the only life habitable planet in the universe.

No way aliens exist!

Well, Anonymous, the worldwide hacking organization with a mission to expose the truth for all of humanity, has its own opinion.

And it’s quite surreal…

In a nutshell, the hacking consortium made a video claiming that it’s a matter of time when NASA reveals that aliens exist on other planets.

“Anonymous cited several new discoveries,” Daniela Cobos said via Yahoo! “They included the hydrogen found in Saturn’s moon and the oceans found on one of Jupiter’s moons, Europa, as further proof that the search for life on other planets will soon be over.”

“NASA said last week they discovered 219 new suspected planets outside Earth’s solar system. Ten of these planets were reported as having similarities to Earth.”

“The Kepler space telescope was responsible for these findings.”

The video also shows real UFO footage, possibly.

However, NASA’s Science Mission Directorate & Associate Administrator, Dr. Thomas Zurbuchen, whose name was quoted in the video, has denied the claim of any potential new announcements.

According to Ancient Alien Theorists, ETs have already visited planet Earth thousands upon thousands of years ago and either helped mankind and/or created the modern human.

The YouTube video was published on June, 20 2017 and it is already over 2 million in views.

Check Out Anonymous’s Video on NASA’s Discovery of Aliens: