Is This Canadian Woman a Human-Alien Hybrid?

A woman who suspects to be a human-alien hybrid describes her story to UFO Researcher, Luigi Vendittelli of Earth Mystery News.

As outrageous as it might sound, a blonde, green-eyed lady, Lisa, suspects she may be an Alien/Human hybrid due to a baffling birth.

Like straight out of a Sci-Fi film, these supposed hybrids are exactly what it sounds like – a cross between extraterrestrial and human.

How they’re conceived is a mystery.

The belief is that most hybrids are due to humans (who claim to have been abducted) being artificially impregnated by aliens.

The reason is foiled in uncertainty and skepticism.

Nevertheless, if you listen to Lisa’s story (which is translated by Vendittelli; Lisa mainly speaks French) and by looking at her physical features, one could easily let their imagination roll.

Most likely a cross between a “Nordic” also known as “Tall Whites”, Lisa has unusually large features, including her eyes.

She stands at a whopping 6-foot-3.

According to the video (below), Lisa’s mother was eight-months pregnant in Quebec, and like what most pregnant women do, she decided to lie down for a nap.

To her mother’s shock, she fell paralyzed and witnessed (with her peripherals) a grey-metallic object travel through her walls.

What made this story stranger, Lisa’s mother had encountered two beings who were communicating through mental telepathy.

After this incredible encounter, a month later, Lisa’s mother gave birth to a child…

As the doctor left the room, the nurse immediately called back the doctor … there was another child unbeknownst to anyone – it was Lisa!

Check Out: Video of Alien-Human Hybrid: