Drone Racing Could Be The Future of High Speed Motorsports

The Drone Racing League (DRL) showcases a new innovative sport challenging 16 of the world’s best high-speed drone pilots at 6 separate races.

Your palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy (no I’m not going to continue to recite Eminem’s, “Lose Yourself”)…

But, imagine pulling a set of goggles over your face, tricking your mind into believing you’re literally sitting in a cockpit.

You lift up a flight controller, but can’t help notice the other skilled pilots, also tense and nervous, off to your left and right.

Racer3 Credit: DRL YouTube.

Like straight out of the movie, Tron: Legacy, you’re about to maneuver a drone at high speeds of up to 120 mph through futuristic, three-dimensional courses.

Cool, right?

Well, if you’re a glutton for high-speed motorsports and new technology we found the sport of your dreams!

From unique locations like NFL stadiums to abandoned warehouses, DRL has even brought on the leader of sports television, ESPN to televise events.

The DRL uses drones truly unlike no other out there.

Meet the Racer3, a custom built, quad-copter with a built in camera so the pilots can utilize First Person View (FPV) technology.

And it can get to 80 mph in under a second!

“Racing drones are designed for forward flight, and they have a camera positioned on the front of the chassis,” according to the DRL website. “They are specifically designed for speed, agility and durability. They use high performance Electronic Speed Controllers which modulate the amount of power that goes to motors, allowing them to speed up quickly or slow down suddenly.”

“Flight controllers on racing drones contain a simple hardware, with most of the performance coming from software that offers minute adjustments to perfect and tune. The frame is built from sturdy, light weight carbon fiber and made to withstand impact.”

And if you’re looking to possibly become a professional drone pilot the opportunity is for the taking.

Just check out their DRL Racing Simulator and learn how to fly and qualify for a DRL season.