Females Only: Fashion Model | Alexandria Morgan | Goes On Major Menstruation Rant

Alexandria Morgan is a model living in New York who has various VLOGS on her YouTube Channel.

Some of us (men) will never understand it and won’t have the opportunity to experience it.

However, almost half (if not more) of our world’s population (women) deal or will deal with it on a regular basis.

Credit: Alexandria Morgan Instagram

Yes, we’re talking periods – the Ole Red River, Aunt Flo, Crimson Tide, Shark Week … You get the point!

TMI, right?

But, one young model, Alexandria Morgan, discusses her period in great length. Like 8-minutes long!

“It’s so cold out, I don’t feel like leaving the house right now, so I figured, I’d just do a little chit chat, a little girls talk in my bathroom,” Morgan said. “This video today is for anyone who has suffered through the beautiful and natural, but torturous experience of having a menstrual cycle.”

“If you’ve never had a menstrual cycle before, that’s okay, you can still watch this video and learn something about what this joyous experience is like,” Morgan continues.

Morgan is a tall, blue-eyed, blonde, princess-looking, young lady.

And her timely discussion takes place in a bathroom (where most of her video logs are shot).

So, hey ladies, next time Mother Nature takes its course and opens up the flood gates down below, don’t be ashamed, but rather loud and proud!

Oh, yeah!

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