FIGHTBALL: Think Fight Club for Basketball Players

With its rough play, fast pace and party-like atmosphere, FIGHTBALL is a sport that’s taking over the New York underground scene!

What do you get when you turn a New York City nightclub into a 40-foot-long basketball court for some one-on-one action?

I’ll tell you what you get … you get FIGHTBALL.

It’s a game that truly lives by its name and guarantees some intense action.

And, as their website claims, “ALL HIGHLIGHTS, ALL THE TIME.”

According to Alex Vadukul via The New York Times, FIGHTBALL is the conception of two “basketball fanatics,” Liron Reznik and Jonas Hallberg, and boy do they have a vision for the game.

“Their ambitions extend past establishing a new sport; they envision an entire Fightball universe. The caps sold at tournaments and the posters encouraging Snapchat use and the hashtag ‘#fightball’ are just the start: regular seasons, broadcast rights and contracts for players are all in the works.”

Credit: FIGHTBALL YouTube Channel
Credit: FIGHTBALL YouTube Channel

Sure, there’s the hip aspect of a one-on-one street ball game being played in a nightclub with a crowd posted at the base lines, an upper-deck VIP section and a DJ spinning tracks.

But, these two visionaries want the game to become an entertainment and branding universe that includes apparel, social media usage, full seasons and tournaments with big dollars on the line.

The game has been around for a couple of years, kicking off a trial tournament back in November of 2014 (FIGHTBALL OO NYC) and wrapping up its third annual tournament back in March of this year.

There’s hopes of a FIGHTBALL 04 NYC later next year.

FIGHTBALL takes stud basketball athletes from around the world and places them in a head-to-head showdown where they compete for $100k.

The rules are simple: eight players in a one-on-one, single-elimination tournament and played on a 40-foot-long basketball court. There’s an eight-second shot clock to speed up the game with two four-minute halves. A bucket is worth 1-point, dunks are worth 3-points, and there’s a 2-point line, twenty-feet from the basket.

Oh yeah, and fouls, well, let’s just say that if it’s not considered ‘flagrant’ in today’s NBA, then it won’t be called in FIGHTBALL.

This is a gladiator sport, not some finesse NBA play you see on network television!

There’s just no fighting… That sh** is frowned upon. Seriously.

The players range from street ballers to former professional NBA players.

What gives FIGHTBALL its depth is that it focuses around a player’s backstory. And thus, we learn what possessed each athlete to compete in this ground-n-pound hoop dream.

Will the game elevate some individuals out of poverty? Or, will it highlight some fresh talent to professional basketball scouts?

I like to compare the game to MMA, whereby leagues take great pride showcasing its athlete’s story lines. Then, we get to sit back and watch them hash it out in an octagon or in this case, a wild basketball setting.

Welcome to FIGHTBALL, 40-feet of pure drama, craziness and extreme competition!

You can check out the FIGHTBALL YouTube Channel to stay tuned-in to all their newest content.