A Florida Man Proves You Can Go Fishing in Sewers

Monster Mike was fishing for some serious Peacock Bass in a south Florida sewer system.

When the word sewage comes to mind the thought of “trash” or “waste” and “disgusting” tend to be the next thought.

Monster Mike holds up a Peacock Bass after sewer fishing. Credit: Monster Mike YouTube

But, who would have thought that sewage can now be synonymous with sport!

Meet Monster Mike, a pro fisherman who just redefined south Florida storm drains.

Though he fishes for everything under the sun, he seems to specialize in Peacock Bass.

“We put our clients on the biggest peacock bass that we can find. Add that to Mike’s passion and enthusiasm for fishing and it equals a fun and exciting day,” according to his website.

“We really REALLY love fishing and enjoy providing videos that give the viewers a glimpse of what we do on a daily basis.”

Well, Monster Mike performed an experiment via his YouTube channel and proved there’s something called, “Sewer Fishing!”

Who needs an expensive bass boat and fishing equipment, right?

Just grab a rod, some live bait and walk over to your nearest sewer because you might just catch dinner … and, we actually don’t necessarily recommend that (the eating part that is)!

And this isn’t the first funny fishing stunt Monster Mike has performed.

He’s caught tarpon on McDonald’s chicken nuggets, caught fish with a remote controlled RC Boat and fished with peanut butter crackers.

Based out of Homestead, Florida, you can email (and book) them at: info@monstermikefishing.com

Who knows, maybe he’ll too take you to the local sewer!

It’s time to get on it!

Check out Monster Mike Hooking Up at South Florida Sewer: