Going Deep Inside the Incredible Works at the LA Art Show 2017

LA Art Show 2017 was held from Jan 11. – Jan 15. and held at the LA Convention Center.

My attempts to narrow down my favorite works from the LA Art Show proved to be futile.

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The talent exhibited by the artists begs for someone to mosey along and shine spotlights of all sizes and quantity on the inevitable stories that surround and inspire the works.

Each sculpture, painting, print, installation and performance had used different ideas and tactics to accomplish the same goal: make you stop, think and question … everything.

With a press pass and a few hours on a Sunday afternoon, I was determined to take in as much as possible; it’s no surprise that I couldn’t contain my excitement to simply one article post about the LA Art Show 2017.

Here I am back for another round of taking a look into some of the incredible art that caught my eye and the extraordinary people behind them.

Check it out: