LA Art Show: Five Works That Will Blow Your Mind

This year’s LA Art Show had around 70,000 attendees, making it one of the largest and longest-running events within the art community.

The 2017 LA Art Show is an annual dose of culture and talent brought to the ‘city of angels’ during an out-of-this-world, 5-day event.

Held in a 200,000-square-foot showroom, the Los Angeles Convention Center gets filled to the brim each year with an array of collections varying from modern to contemporary … in-your-face to the bewildering … beeswax-on-plywood to oil-on-canvas.

In fact, over 90 galleries from across the world made their way to the event (this year alone) to give the public a taste of some incredible art collections.

Perusing through a sea of performing artists, paintings using different mediums, sculptures and freakishly amazing installations, I was on a quest…

A quest to search out standout works of art that would absolutely blow my mind!

But, that wouldn’t be hard to find…

There were pieces that forced its passersby (including myself) to continuously stop and further divulge and thus, become mesmerized by such creative minds and an unearthly ability to create such artistry.

My curiosity into what each message an artist was attempting to convey, only intrigued me more.

Nevertheless, after an enlightening day at the art show, I give you some of the nontraditional pieces or rather, extraordinary concepts that stood out to me at this year’s, LA Art Show 2017: