LA’s Murphy’s Ranch and the Person Who Holds its Secret Affidavit

Tucked away in LA’s Rustic Canyon, an old and dilapidated compound known as Murphy’s Ranch is said to hold some unique truths.

“It’s such a cool mystery and it’s one of those kind of local legends and local lores that bands people together, especially when you live in such a disparate, giant city,” Hadley Meares said.

Murphy’s Ranch affidavit

“I kind of feel like I don’t really want to know what happened at Murphy’s Ranch,” she continued. “I want everyone to feel that they think they know what happened there.”

Meares is a history junkie and a wealth of information on a topic that’s still heavily shrouded by mystery.

In fact, she’s led many tours on the premises and has written articles on the subject.

But for Meares, the information presented to her wasn’t good enough!

She did her own digging and what she came up with was quite extraordinary.

Meares was able to get her hands on a rare affidavit that helped shed more light to its secrets (see profile video below)!

Though much is revealed according to the affidavit, she still admits that no one will truly know the purpose of the compound.

Most believe it was a hidden Nazi base, while others believe it was some type of metaphysical, hippy-esque utopia.

Whatever the case may be, Murphy’s Ranch was trying to serve a purpose and built to self sustain for long-periods of time.

Built in the 1930s, what still remains is a gate, powerhouse, machine shed, gardens, barn and water tank.

Today, what’s left is riddled with graffiti. It’s also technically off-limits (and most of it has been scheduled for demolition).

If you’d like to try see Murphy’s Ranch for yourself, the 55-acre stretch of Rustic Canyon in the Santa Monica Mountains is a 3.8 mile looping hike.

From Sunset Blvd., turn north onto Capri. Follow Capri until it ends in a T-intersection with Casale. Park and walk west on Casale, which will turn into Sullivan Fire Road. Walk through the stone gate and follow the driveway to the bottom of the Canyon.

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