Is Nibiru Going to Wipe Out Earth in the Very Near Future?

Nibiru, referred to as ‘Planet X’ or the ‘The 12th Planet’, has been front and center as a topic for many conspiracy theorists and Anunnaki proponents.

Within the past several months, AOL had published a story discussing conspiracy theorists’ claims that planet Nibiru would crash into Earth, causing a cataclysmic catastrophe in the very near future.

This story primarily came about after a video was published by Nibiru Planet X 2016 on YouTube.

In this video, details about a rarity – blood red moons or ‘strawberry moons’ (seen in August of 2016) were caused due to the planet Nibiru nearing both Earth and the moon and thus, casting its red shadow upon the moon.

In fact, within the video, evening footage of the skies over Pennsylvania show a reddish, circular object that looks to be next to the moon.

Though it looks more like a lens flare or reflection, the narrator makes a point to state that it’s not a lens flare and to ‘save your comments for another time’ if you’re a naysayer.

“Ancient writings talked about four blood red moons, appearing in the skies, month after month, before cataclysmic events changed the Earth forever,” the video narrator said.

“It is my understanding, through information that I have absorbed over this past year, that we will experience Nibiru in the worst way. Possibly in November of 2016. Other scientists and astronomers, that have not been so tight-lipped about this subject, have a prediction leading into November of 2017,” he continued.

Watch the video for yourself:

Now, I’m no scientist or astronomer, but I do have my hesitation in regard to a possible doomsday event in the coming months.

If Nibiru is getting closer to Earth, where did that object go in our skies? And, wouldn’t it be getting bigger by the weeks and thus, more visible? I’m sure there will be some argument that it has to do with our orbit or axis or atmosphere…

I’ll let you decide!

Nibiru, explained by the late author, historian and researcher, Zecharia Sitchin, is home planet to the extraterrestrial race, the Anunnaki, who had traveled to Earth around 450,000 years ago and genetically created Humans in their quest to mine gold. Nibiru has an elliptical orbit that reaches our inner solar system around every 3,600 years.

Sitchin has based all his research from his travels to modern day ancient Mesopotamia and translating and deciphering many ancient Sumerian tablets.