Organizing a Backyard Nudist Colony in Las Vegas, Nevada

A Nevada manĀ formed the Las Vegas Naturists in his backyard for his love of hosting parties and being a nudist!

Who doesn’t love eccentric people?

In fact, one could argue that they’re the creative drive that moves society forward.

Hardy & Dawn Brunell

Many of these individuals are driven by passion and creativity, not money.

So, meet a man who has an innate passion for being totally, 100-percent nude, Hardy Brunell.

And starting his own nudist colony wasn’t about pervin’ out over naked people.

On the contrary, it’s a dream he’s had since a little boy.

“My dad kept the AC so warm that I would sleep with the covers off me and in fact, I would start sleeping without any clothes on just trying to cool down in the summertime, it’s hot in the desert out here,” Brunell said. “When I was about ten-years-old, first time my parents left me home alone, first thing I wanted to do is run out in the backyard and walk around outside naked.”

“When you feel a slight breeze go over your whole body for the first time when you’re naked, you’re hooked,” Brunell continued.

When you meet Brunell in person, you clearly gauge that he’s all about having a good time and meeting new people.

Sure he’s an interesting dude who has a lot to say about a lot of things, but you can tell that he and his wife, Dawn are all about making others feel comfortable around him.

With that said, over the years, Brunell has been working tirelessly on his large backyard to make it the perfect free-balling, free-body hangout.

It’s equipped with a large swimming pool, jacuzzi, outdoor furniture, custom outdoor bathrooms, volleyball and so much more.

But what about the real perverts trying to get a sneak glimpse at Hardy and all his naked cohorts?

Well, there’s big walls surrounding the house & backyard … and, with today’s technology being drone-heavy, Brunell has built his own custom drone equipped with a catch-net to take down others.

If you’re in the Las Vegas area and interested in feeling the desert sun penetrate your entire body with other like-minded individuals, check out the Las Vegas Naturists.

Just make sure to be prepared to let your hair down and follow some of his basic rules like bringing and sitting on your own damn towel!

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  • Pretty cool story. Thanks Uckya. If you are in Vegas look us up, the grounds are, oh so comfortable.

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