Our story is pretty simple really … we here at UCKYA like unusual things: people, places, issues and stories that may not follow society’s “norms.”


If you want to hear about political campaigns, crime investigations or football scores, UCKYA is probably not the right media source. However, if you’re looking for something a bit different, something out-of-the-box, well, you’ve come to the right place.

Whether it’s paranormal stuff, futuristic technology, weird & bizarre news, cryptozoology or a person working a very unusual career, we at UCKYA want to hear about it, learn about it and be about it.

With that said, we’re working tirelessly to make it our mission, a mission to seek out these unique people, places, stories and issues and share it with the world. And we did it rather recently … UCKYA was founded in 2016.

Through original video content & interviews or written news stories with multiple sources, UCKYA has a clear cut mission: Expressing All That’s Unique in the World.

So follow us as we grow and deliver some of the most interesting elements of life. We’re not just a media source, but rather a movement.