UCKYA to Release New Web-Series: Documentary-Style Profile Pieces

UCKYA is an online news source dedicated to extraordinary and underground people, topics and issues.

Still in its infancy (founded earlier this year, 2016), UCKYA is going to try itself in the competitive world of the web series.

On their YouTube channel, they’ve currently posted video interviews of individuals such as the founder of an anti-flatulent underwear and a UFO Investigator & Contact Organizer. Though interesting, these videos however are just edited Skype interviews.

Their profile series plans on being more produced and adopting a documentary-style interview feel.

They plan on releasing around 16 episodes, each episode about 4 to 6 minutes in length.

Company founder, Shanon Culiner and content producer, Erik Steinmetz are overseeing the inaugural web-series project.

‘UCKYA Profiles’ plan on releasing early November of 2016.

Press Release below:

“UCKYA Profiles”


A documentary series unveiling the underground

Los Angeles, California October 24, 2016: UCKYA introduces new web-series, UCKYA Profiles. The entire first 16 episodes will be available on their YouTube Channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWxvAW9wEflzP5CYMIDY_fw) early November 2016.

Meeting firsthand and documenting individuals with unique and extraordinary skills, lifestyle choices, professions, and expertise’s, UCKYA breaks barriers, highlighting an uncommon world to normal society standards. Each episode features an individual (or individuals) in a documentary-style, interview setting with overlaying footage pertaining to each given subject. Such subjects include: UFO investigating, Dominatrices & Fetish, Nudists, Rescue Task Forces, Performing Artists, Professional Cuddling, Wild Brew Makers, Spiritual Healing, Urban Foraging and so much more.

“UCKYA’s mission is to tell stories that aren’t usually in mainstream media. We want the audience to indulge on subjects that might be considered taboo or strange by popular speculation. Whether a particular story is told by an expert or someone living within those realms, we do our best, as filmmakers, to document these lives, issues or choices. With these first 16 episodes, we’re just getting our beak wet as we continue to dig out and report on some highly juicy content!” -Shanon Culiner, Creator / Executive Producer