Story Tips

UCKYA is always in search of the most interesting people, issues, places and stories. Drop us a line if you have a Story Tip.

Thus, if you yourself feel like you should be featured on: “UCKYA News,” “UCKYA Exclusives” or “UCKYA Television,” we’d love to hear from you. If not, but you happen to know of someone or something that should be featured on our website and they would be willing, please contact us at our email below.


UCKYA News usually refers to a published news story on UCKYA, either sourced by multiple outside sources, and/or sourced by our own sources. These tend to be mainly written posts.


UCKYA Exclusives usually refers to conducted recorded video interviews by UCKYA that are sometimes edited and mostly submitted both on UCKYA’s website and web channel. They’re also usually accompanied by an article post.

UCKYA Television usually refers to any recorded original video content used and distributed by UCKYA on both our web channel and website, such as our original “Profile Series,” a short documentary series on highly unique, interesting people and stories.

If you think you have an unbelievable Story Tip for us, please email us at: info [at] uckya [.com].

Make sure to include:

  • Full name or title of person, place, issue or story.
  • A paragraph detailing the person, place, issue or story.
  • A paragraph on why we should use this person, place, issue or story.
  • Attachments and/or links that help describe the person, place, issue or story better (such as videos and photos).
  • Please keep it to no longer than a page with no more than 4 attachments.


  • Due to the amount of submissions, we won’t be able to get back to everyone. If we think your story is right for us, we’ll get back to you.
  • UCKYA is based in Los Angeles, CA, so if we like your story tip and its located outside of our city limits, it will most likely fall under “UCKYA Exclusives” or “UCKYA News.”
  • Whomever is interviewed or filmed will be required to sign a waiver, allowing UCKYA to legally publish the piece and/or interview.

Thank you and we can’t wait to hear from you.