UFOs Attack Turkey: Numerous Sightings of Unknown Lights in Multiple Cities

What is going on with UFOs in the country of Turkey?

On November 27, 2016, a fleet of UFOs were reported showing up in the skies over Turkey by many eyewitnesses in several cities.

Eerie videos and images of supposed UFOs look to be completely unexplained and non manmade. And, they were reported all over the place.

In up close video, the UFOs look to be a large reddish-orange glowing ball of light surrounded by smaller lights in a circular, disc shape. Distant photos of the objects look to be lights in a triangular formation.

Are these triangular formations one big object or are they many UFOs in a single, large formation?

The mass sighting has caused wide-spread hysteria and many took to social media, using the hashtag #UFOAttackToTurkey, to share photos and videos.




People are now asking (more than ever) for full disclosure and that this event is true evidence of UFOs and extraterrestrial life visiting our planet Earth.

But, what really makes this wave of UFOs that much more strange is that apparently both YouTube and Twitter tried to censor the dramatic events happening in Turkey.

Seems awfully suspicious if you ask us!




So, while you were rubbing your stuffed bellies after heaps of mash potatoes, turkey cranberry sauce and stuffing thanks to a large Thanksgiving meal, the other Turkey was dealing with some incredible, out-of-this-world stuff!

UFOs? Military? Government Cover-Ups? An alien agenda?

What is really going on?

No answers, but only more questions!

Make sure you check out ‘UFOs Attack Turkey’ online to see for yourself.