Weird Business: Snuggling Your Way to Riches

There’s nothing like a total stranger pressing their body up against another’s for the sake of money and business …  and, should I say, loneliness.

Welcome to the world of professional cuddlers where cuddling takes on a whole other meaning.

Professional cuddling organizations have become quite the fad as of late.

In a fast-paced, modern society where people expect results instantly, say goodbye to being alone and to not feeling companionship.

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Meet Cuddle Up To Me, founded by current owner, Samantha Hess, who launched the cuddling platform because according to her Studio page, (more than 2 years ago) she realized how debilitating the lack of touch in her own life was.

Located in Oregon, Cuddle Up To Me has a team of cuddle experts who can be booked by appointment for those in need of some serious T.L.C.

However, if you don’t happen to be located in Oregon, check out professional snuggle service, The Snuggle Buddies.

With Snuggle Buddies, a love-lacking individual could search through either “female snugglers” and/or “male snugglers” throughout the entire United States (however, be aware that there’s a lot more female cuddlers than male cuddlers on their site).

To become a snuggler at Snuggle Buddies, one must go onto their job application form (on their site).

The Snuggle Buddies Procedure Information (for all you potential hires out there):

  • Compensation is half of the session price. Session price can be found on the pricing page (Generally, $80/hr, so you receive $40/hr). The other half goes toward advertising and website upkeep.
  • Most clients pay in cash. When clients pay in cash, you keep your half as well as travel money and tips. You will send the other half to the company via Chase Quickpay (using your bank account) OR a credit card/debit card/greendot payment like you would pay any bill online.
  • When clients pay online, a confirmation statement will be sent to your email. This will state the total amount paid of which half will be your pay. Any cash payments accepted will be deducted from that total, meaning you will hold on to any amount of cash equal to or less than the amount owed to you rather than being issued a money request for those cash sessions. You will receive remaining balances after two weeks from session date and be issued payment inquiries for any cash sessions exceeding that balance. Example: Client 1 pays $80 online, and Client 2 pays you $80 in cash the next day. This balanced out so you are not owed money and the company is not owed money.
  • If you travel 1 hr to a client and 1 hr back home, you charge them $30 for travel. This is in addition to the normal session price. You are responsible for calculating this fee using the time it took to get to the client at the rate of $15 per hour round trip. Session time needs to roughly equal total travel time at a minimum!
  • Clients agree to our client contract before being put in touch with a snuggler. You may print out a copy and have them reread it in person if you would like so the rules are very fresh in their mind. Please also read the client contract so you know what they are agreeing to.
  • Snugglers are given a client’s information to contact them. Make sure you check spam folder in case some client information accidentally winds up there. Phone calls are preferred unless otherwise requested by the client. You may e-mail the client, but some clients don’t check e-mail often, so if you don’t get a response, be sure to call them. Texting/calling/e-mailing a client is only done to schedule a session. This should take 5-10 minutes max!

And, there’s also Job Recruiters out there, working for The Snuggle Buddies business to help spread the gospel of cuddling and finding the next best snuggler.

Oh yeah, there’s 100 percent no sexual activity involved with snuggling. Just a warm body blanketing over another’s.

Hey, if you don’t believe me check out No. 14 in the Frequently Asked Questions on The Snuggle Buddies website:

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